Letters from the LOA Board President

LOA Community Update

June 1, 2015

To: All Brushy Top Landowners
From: Louise Koch, LOA Board President
Subject: Brushy Top News

We have had many changes around Brushy Top since our last community update in January. Probably the most important of all would be the wonderful, life-giving spring rains. Our lakes are full and overflowing and our grasses are green and growing. And our animals must be very happy to be able to forage once again on the native grasses. We are truly blessed to be able to own property in such a beautiful part of the awesome Hill Country landscape.

I should introduce myself. I am Louise Koch and I became the board president at the special-called board meeting on March 17, 2015, when Mike Guenthardt found it necessary to resign for personal reasons. Your other faithful, hard-working board members include Lory Quist (secretary), Oak Smith (treasurer), and Don Van Eynde (common areas). We have had one board meeting since then which was held on May 15, 2015. Going forward the LOA Board will begin having meetings bi-monthly so mark your calendars for July 17, September 18, and then the final, annual meeting will be held on November 7 at the Old 300 BBQ in Blanco.

Our landowner community is entering uncharted waters! We no longer have the developer on the board. This is a big step for the board and all of us. We are finding that the developer has taken very good care of us but now we have many responsibilities we never knew about. It is kind of like when a teenager leaves home and discovers that there are many things he thought automatically happened. But this is good for our community and a very important step in our growing up process.

Brushy Top is a thriving community with only 28 lots left to sell. There are many beautiful homes being lived in, and many more future homes under construction. Our community is made up of people from many walks of life, with many backgrounds and interests. As we attempt to work together we soon realize that we have goals and objectives that may not be in sync with our new neighbors. With this in mind the board now has an agenda item for land owners to be heard. We encourage you to verbalize your feelings. We need to learn to understand and respect our new neighbors. I look forward to getting to know all of you as we grow together.

God Bless You All!!
Louise Koch
LOA Board President

The Ranches of Brushy Top Land Owners' Association.

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