Featured Texas Hill Country Acreage Homesites for Sale:

Last 2 Remaining Acreage Homesites Under Contract!

Homesite 73   |   10 Acres   |   CONTRACT PENDING!

Great open space. Call 1-713-927-1176 for pricing.

Texas Acreage For Sale Tract 73

Homesite 118D   |   44.5 Acres   |   CONTRACT PENDING!

Private mountain with private access to your own mountain with 360-degree views of the West Lake. Call 1-713-927-1176 for pricing.

Texas Acreage For Sale Tract 118D
For more information on these Texas Hill Country properties, contact us online or call 1-713-927-1176 to schedule your property tour today!


Texas Hill Country Acreage For Sale with Hill Country Views & Exotic Wildlife.

Brushy Top began with over 2,000 acres divided into only 146 home sites for sale ranging in size from 5- to 75-acres. We now only have 2 homesites remaining that are "Under Contract" and our land owners are our most enthusiastic sales team — just ask them. Click here to go to the LOA page which has only the summary of restrictions.
Our relaxed, buy now, build later policy allows you to start enjoying your ranch day one but build only when you are ready. Our deed restrictions enhance long term value for all owners. Our architectural guidelines encourage green building and require dark sky lighting for our modern interpretation of hill country style homes.

For more information on these Texas Hill Country properties, contact us online or call 1-830-833-5555 to schedule your property tour today!

A Hill Country Primer for buying Texas Acreage Land For Sale.

When you understand a few things about building in the Hill Country, Brushy Top looks even better.

Gated Entrances

Our gated entrances provide the security and privacy so important to our landowners and their families. Access is controlled by electronic keypad, so you know who's coming to visit, and you won't be bothered by uninvited guests.


We conducted an extensive water feasibility study and found Brushy Top meets the standards of water quality typical of Blanco County.

Electricity & High Speed Internet

Brushy Top has underground electric utilities. That's a true money-saving feature because last time we checked it cost anywhere from $10 to $25 a linear foot to run an electric line. At Brushy Top you can also enjoy the convenience of a secure high-speed internet connection that's reliable from Spectrum (formerly known as Time Warner Cable).


The Ranches of Brushy Top is located adjacent to State Highway 281 and has over 8 miles of paved roads in the community assuring all weather access. The other 3 sides of the community are surrounded by large ranches totaling over 5,000 acres — the ranches to the north and south are permanently deed restricted to minimum tracts sizes of 100 acres which serves to protect the value, views, and privacy of all our residents.

Green Building

We support green building practices and encourage our residents to use building strategies that reduce the consumption of energy, water and materials. That includes incorporating 'dark sky' lighting to preserve the stunning views of the Milky Way at the Ranches of Brushy Top.

Deed Restrictions

Not every place has well-thought out deed restrictions like Brushy Top. Deed restrictions give you a long-term sense of comfort that your property won't lose value because of neighbors' activities. That's not always a sure thing in rural areas.

Special 1-d-1 Open Space Agricultural Use - AG Value Tax

If you only fence 1 acre of your property you'll be able to maintain a money-saving AG Value Tax on the remaining acreage because of the exotic wildlife that freely roams the hills of Brushy Top.